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I am Deborah Pio, a Spiritual Teacher, Soul Coach, and Intuitive Energy Practitioner:  My passion is to empower and equip others in discerning Divine Guidance on their spiritual journey toward  vitality, wholeness, freedom. There are many names and many ways to receive Divine Guidance. Some of them are prompting, leadings, inner guidance, inner wisdom, inner knowing, intuition, gut instinct, sixth sense, high sense perception, prayer, meditation, etc.   Whatever name one uses, Spirit is always communicating with each individual in a unique way. Opening  up to Divine Guidance allows your soul to communion with God as your Spirit sours to greater heights of spiritual reality. O Soul, you are not the body; why not remember always you are the Spirit of God?

This web-site is designed to be educationaland helpful in assisting you on your path towards Spiritual growth,Transformation & HealingIt is my hope that you will find an approach and pathway that is right for you. And I am happy to share with you over 30 years of experience and expertise...included is website links, video clips, favorite books and information from world renowned teachers, leaders and authors. 

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Hope you have fun exploring and that you find the information helpful. 

Video Clips
Top 3 Tips for Better Health Dr. Christiane Northrup

Change your Health and LIfe Dr. Wayne Dyer

Belief, thought, plus emotion impact...Gregg Braden

CBS news clip energy healing & medicine
with Donna Eden

Energy healing session "Prana"

Energy healing session "Reiki" 

"Pics & Info Medical questions" 

ForeverHealth  Suzanne Somers
 Find doctors, networks, products 

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Applying the Medicine of God's word
Joyce Meyer 

The Bodies Energy Systems 
Auras, Chakras, Meridians & more 

Energy Psychology 
Info, books, & research 

Barbara Brennan Healing Science University 
Carolyn Mass Medical Intuitive University
Donna Eden Energy Medicine University
Sonya Choquette Intuitive/Psychic University
Healing in America Energy School
Bennett Stellar Hypnotherapy University 
University of Holistic Theology 

Recommended Books
The Bible  "the Healing ministry of Jesus"  
If you want to learn how Jesus was a healer and physician, checkout the Christian drop down screen for exact verses.

Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby
If you want to learn how to discern Divine Guidance and experience God in every day life, than you will love this workbook.

Community 101 & Beyond Sex Roles
by Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian
Founder of the Mega Churches...His mentoring and books played a huge role in shaping my gifts,  deepening my understanding of community and empowering me as a women toward spiritual growth & transformation.   

The Work Loving What Is by Byron Katie
Her simple four questions and turnaround will change your life as you take responsibility, awaken to truth and experience freedom.
 "The truth will set you free"

Cell Level Healing byJoyce Whitely Hawkes a great little book to understand energy, prayer and long distant

The Answer is Simple Love Your Spirit
by Sonia Choquette
Her books help you learn how to connect with your divine spirit, develop your intuition and live out of... your true authentic self.

Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan
Her books bridge the gap between traditional medicine and complementary medicine as one begins to learn how to take responsibility for their own wellness, exploring energy systems/centers.

Diary of a Medical Intuitive, Christel Nani An inside look at how a trauma nurse began to embrace her intuitive gifts and doctors came to respect and rely on her giftedness. 

Energy Medicine by Donna EdenThe book is a practical tool for healing and balancing just about any symptom or cause of illness as one learns how to heal
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